Biber Dolma – Stuffed Peppers

One of the favourites at our house is Biber Dolma. For those might not know the word Dolma means to fill  or stuff in Turkish, so just saying its been something the Turks have been doing for along time .

The main difference in this style of stuffed peppers is what gives it a unique flavour.  That flavour is  Dill Weed. Use it fresh if you can.

Here it is :

5 peppers you pick the size that fits your pot, crock pot etc.

Ground Beef enough to fill the peppers, just remember your adding some more ingredients to it.

1 Onion grated, Dill weed fresh, tomato or red pepper paste table spoon, half cup of rice, pepper, salt.

Mix ground beef, grated onion, tomato paste, chopped dill, pepper, salt.

Cut tops off peppers and clean insides. Fill with stuffing.

Place in crock pot , pot and then add any extra stuffing on the sides. Add a can of tomatoes some water to just below top of peppers. Cook in slower cooker or  simmer in pot slowly.

Serve with a dolop of plain yogurt or some people like garlic in their yogurt which works too. eat with some fresh bread.

Note: This could be made with Zuchinni or other vegatable that stuffs well. Another filling instead of rice can be Bulghur something the Turks eat alot of .